superfyeahkeralarains :)

fyeahkeralarains :)

Taken in Mussourie, in 2006 :)

ha! i found these two pictures I’d taken and uploaded on some website ages ago :)

these were taken with a nikon 3100!

Paris Review – Garry Winogrand and the Art of the Opening, Richard B. Woodward

Photography turns one and all into fools, including—especially—artists like himself, eager to hunt life and trap as many of its fleeting variables as possible inside a 35 mm frame but doomed to return empty-handed far more often than not.

Book 13 of 2014
Well written in parts, beautifully visual, but something was lacking. It did not really excel. :-/
A frame within a frame (Brian DePalma inspires again) :)
A frame within a frame. (inspired by Brian DePalma)
At Johnson market, Bangalore with P :)

The awesome-st trees on earth. Twin silk cotton trees at Lalbaug, Bangalore.

Zillion thanks to U for taking me there :)

Tree bark photos from Lalbaug, Bangalore. More images are here on my Behance portfolio.
  • “My dear,
  • Is it true that your mind is sometimes like a battering ram
  • Running all through the city,
  • Shouting so madly inside and out
  • About the ten thousand things
  • That do not matter?”
  • (― حافظ, The Subject Tonight Is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz)
  • ----------------------------------
  • Yes. yes. Hafez, yes.
  • sadly, unbelievably, yes : (

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s and Martine Franck’s Romantic Photos | LightBox | TIME.com

"If you’re sad and you meet someone who’s sad too, even if they’re sad in a slightly different way, try to be kind, if you can."

- Teju Cole via twitter

Book # 11 of 2014

Towards an Aesthetic of Dalit Literature by Sharankumar Limbale

Book #12 of 2014

Antarjanam - Memoirs of a Namboodiri Woman by Devaki Nilayamgode

I took up Limbale’s book in wake of the Navayana- Arundathi Roy controversy, and Dalit groups response to the essay, its tone, position and the justification of its inclusion in Babasaheb’s Annihilation of Caste.

In the middle of Limbale’s well-researched, and thought-provoking book I re-read Vijay Tendulkar's Kanyadaan. Oh! Tendulkar fails so miserably!!. An excellent analysis is here.

By accident, I got a copy of Antarjanam. Another example of a type of ‘caste’ writing and the contrasts it offered in the light of what Limbale says was illuminating.

i have this in B&W, but these colours were just too much!